Build your Online Digital Presence and Build your Business

It’s officially holiday crunch time! With 50% of holiday shoppers browsing and shopping online this year, there’s no better time to pump up your online marketing on Save Local Now!

Make sure your business is found:

  1. Claim Your Business: sign in and update your business profile. Boost your localized Search Engine Optimization by adding a detailed business description and keywords. Hint: a keyword is anything a consumer would search for to find that specific business. Visit your local Shop Local Now page to get going on building your digital presence and profile.
  2. Create a post: it’s important to remember that a post can be anything! A deal, a discount, a promotion, or a simple “Happy Holidays!” post is a great way to show your personality and commitment to the local community.
  3. Share the post: Make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for by sending targeted promotions to their inbox and sharing your promotions on social media. FACT: 70% of holiday shoppers are searching on social media to find the perfect gift.