Do you have your UEI (Unique Entity Identifier) yet?

What about a CAGE Code? DUNS Number? What in the world is a UEI or Unique Entity Identifier? Over the years there have been several different numerical identifiers the federal government has used to distinguish businesses. These numerical identifiers were necessary to be awarded government contracts or other business from the government.

Sometimes you would need the numbers to receive federal grants. As the availability of grants has grown the necessity for these numbers has increased. Even if you aren’t a government contractor you need one. Most of these different numerical identifiers have been replaced by a UEI- Unique Entity Identifier. Getting your UEI is free, but it can be a cumbersome process.

Then why bother? Again to receive a federal grant you need this number to qualify. As federal money trickles down to the states, the UEI will be required to receive funds. Most recently grants administered by the Washington Festival and Events Association and the Department of Commerce Working Washington Grant #5 have required these codes. 

Here are two tools you can use to help you navigate the application process.

From Washington PTAC                                  From US Government Services Administration

The process all begins with a visit to From there the process is laid out for you, but is not always self explanatory.