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SharedWork LMEA

SharedWork and Labor Market Information


SharedWork and Labor Market Data & Economic Information

Date: 4/21/2022
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (PST)
Fee: No Fee

Learn the latest developments of two important programs businesses need to know about for their operational effectiveness and to thrive.
The Employment Security Department SharedWork/Business-Friendly Programs feature this important business webinar series. The webinar series provides program overviews and highlights the requirements and resources, and the most current information for businesses. This valuable information will help businesses make informed decisions for their operational effectiveness, stay resilient and thrive during the ebb and flow of economic cycles.

The webinar features the SharedWork program and labor market and economic information for the resilience of new and existing businesses.

What you’ll learn about Labor Market and Economic Analysis services:

• How labor market information helps with business decision making.

• Data + analysis = informed decisions.

• Using the LMEA website to find what you need.

• Answers to the most common LMEA questions and much more.

• Who are regional economist and how they can help.

What you’ll learn about the SharedWork program:

• Steps to enroll in SharedWork program.

• Business eligibility and program benefits.

• How a workplace can improve with the SharedWork program.

• Answers to the most common SharedWork questions and much more.