South Kitsap Chamber of Commerce Virtual Ambassador Program

The Virtual Ambassador program was designed for those members that are busy and don’t have time to commit to the Full Ambassador Program. Virtual Ambassadors still have an obligation to represent themselves and the Chamber well, but their interaction is primarily through social media.

It is universally recognized that Social Media is a powerful communication tool, but social networks are constantly changing their algorithms, making it harder for businesses to fully take advantage of their online networks.

The Virtual Ambassador program is designed to help push Chamber news and events out to a broader audience of the population. One of the most valuable services the Chamber of Commerce offers the community is our ability to share the news.

The Commitment

As a Virtual Ambassador, you will be specifically asked a few times a month to like, comment or share events and news that the Chamber of Commerce is promoting. You will not be expected to promote all or our social media posts, just the major ones. We have found that when a few people take an interest in an event and promote it, the reach is much greater.

If you are interested in being a Virtual Ambassador let the Chamber Office know and we will put you on our “VA” list.

What’s in it for you?

As a virtual ambassador, you will be one of the first to know about what is going on in the Chamber and around the community.  You’ll also be known as the “one in the know” with all your friends.