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About Us Who is the Chamber of Commerce?

The South Kitsap Chamber of Commerce is governed by a group of dedicated business men and women striving to help local businesses and the South Kitsap community reach it’s full potential. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:

Promoting business, Encouraging Community and Educating our Members

The Purpose of the Chamber of Commerce

  • Business and community advocacy

  • Provide educational resources to businesses, the community, government officials, and regulatory bodies

  • Clarify business’ understanding of current business climates and issue identification

  • Remain a source of referrals to local businesses and a platform for business-to-business opportunities

Sidney Hotel

Our History

The South Kitsap Chamber of Commerce (SKCOC) has been supporting local business in the community since 1890. Originally known as the Sidney Commerce Booster Club, the Chamber has maintained a strong legacy of enhancing and strengthening business since its humble beginnings.
We are a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of 340 business enterprises, civic organizations, education institutions and individuals.

The SKCOC is represented by an elected 15 member Board of Directors. We work for and with our business community by partnering with local businesses, professionals, city and county government, community groups, and the military. Through cooperative partnerships we proactively promote and encourage healthy business growth, foster leadership and professional development, and are dedicated to promoting businesses and community efforts that enhance Port Orchard and the South Kitsap Region.

What the Chamber of Commerce does

To ensure a business-friendly climate in South Kitsap, the Chamber provides a variety of programs, services, and benefits designed to increase its members’ exposure with networking and business to business opportunities. In addition, we work to provide a voice for businesses in our local government to help them grow and thrive, and through communications keep members informed about local community, regional, business, legislative, and Chamber activity.

Meet the Chamber of Commerce Board

Meet the Staff Chamber of Commerce Staff

We’re a group of passionate people helping you to grow your business.

Executive Director

Cody Clark

Executive Director

With 32 years deeply rooted in our community, Cody brings not only experience but also a heartfelt commitment to South Kitsap.

His dedication is unwavering, evident in his extensive background in resource development, donor engagement, and non-profit fundraising over the past 14 years.

Cody’s passion for South Kitsap shines through his collaborative spirit by fostering connections and organizing events that bring our business and community together.

Executive Assistant

Jaclyn Williams

Executive Assistant

Jaclyn’s upbringing traces back to Enumclaw, where she first experienced the charm of small-town living. After a brief stint in Ravensdale, she found her family’s perfect haven in Port Orchard. For Jaclyn, the allure of “small town life” isn’t just a preference; it’s her ideal way of existence.

With a rich history in office management spanning various industries, Jaclyn brings a wealth of experience to the table. Additionally, as a small business proprietor, she champions the ethos of supporting local enterprises through her active involvement in the shop small and shop local movements. Her dedication to fostering community ties and promoting economic vitality is evident in her everyday actions at the Chamber.

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