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Become a Preliminary Tournament Host!!

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Leading up to the finals there will be several Preliminary Tournaments around Kitsap County to determine which teams can participate in the finals.

We are currently soliciting venues for those Preliminary Tournaments. Each of the Preliminary Tournaments will be played and your finalists submitted by July 31st. The time and date of the Preliminary Tournaments will be at the discretion of the venue and the Tournament director.

Hosting a Preliminary Tournament only costs $100 and comes with a number of different benefits to promote your business and the tournament.

There are Two Preliminary Host options:

Commercial Host: This option is prefect for restaurants, bars, taverns, retail locations who would like to host a tournament. Host fee is $100, the host is responsible for collecting $20 team fees to return to the Chamber, and submitting a finalist by July 31st. The Chamber will help promote a commercial tournament.

Private Host: This option is perfect for company picnics, customer appreciation events, associations and clubs, and etc. that would like to host a tournament. As the name suggests, the tournament is private and generally not open to the public. The host fee is $200 and there is no need to collect the player fees from tournament participants. Just simply submit your finalists to the Chamber before July 31st. 

Benefits of being a Preliminary
Tournament Host

  • Website recognition as Preliminary tournament sponsor
  • Social Media recognition on multiple pages
  • Listed on Tournament posters (if committed prior to printing)
  • You get to host a tournament at the location of your choice  (we’ll help market your tournament, more recognition).
  • Program Ad
  • Signage recognition
  • Submit up to 2 teams to the finals
  • Rotating Banner on the Kitsap Cornhole Classic webpage as a preliminary Sponsor

Responsibilities Associated with Hosting a Preliminary Tournament

  • Hold a preliminary tournament before July 31st
  • Follow Tournament rules set by the Chamber
  • Help us spread the word on the preliminary tournament and the finals (we’ll provide posters and cards)
  • Provide prizes for the participants in your tournament. These may include gift cards, swag, cash, gift baskets or whatever you want them to be. 
  • Commercial hosts agree to collect tournament fees and entry forms from all tournament participants to return to the Chamber. 
  • Private hosts agree to collect player entry forms and finalist information to return to the Chamber.  Since these are private events the Chamber will promote these events.

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