Free Business Tools from Google

As the world gets smaller and the business grows, it is important that you scale with it. Google is a giant in the online world and they offer free business tools to help you get your share of the business. Google supports businesses large and small and you need to make sure you are taking advantage of all the tools Google has to offer.

In addition to Google my Business profiles which Google offers for free, Google also offers a Digital Essentials Guide which outlines and walks you through the steps of implementing four critical strategies for running your business.

The Digital Essentials Guide will walk you through:

  1. Getting a business web address with Google Domains,
  2. Getting a business email address with Google Workspace
  3. Building a website with their easy website builder, and
  4. Showing up on Google with your free Business Profile.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going online and checking out these free business tools. You can find more information about them by visiting Google for Small Business.


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