City of Port Orchard Building Permit and Growth Information

The Growth Management Act from Washington State dictates where the growth within the state is supposed to take place. The state pushes the requirements down to the counties and they pass them on to the Cities. 

Zoning in Port Orchard has been designed to maximize the density of the land available. The City plans for infrastructure needs for new developments. Transportation improvements has made South Kitsap a great living alternative to the east side of Puget Sound. New growth is instrumental to the economic development of our town and county. 

Port Orchard is slated to receive the majority of the growth in South Kitsap. Here are recent building permit report from the City of Port Orchard.

February/March 2022

April/May 2022

May/June 2022

July/August 2022

Augusts/September 2022

September/October 2022

October/November 2022-

November/December 2022

December 2022/January 2023

January/February 2023 

February/March 2023

March/April 2023

April/May 2023

June/July 2023

July/August 2023

September/October 2023