Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

Washington State is placing an emphasis on being environmentally responsible and is encouraging state agencies to use Environmentally Preferred Purchasing.

Department of Enterprise Services (DES) has published a Green Purchasing Guide that helps state agencies and other public entities in Washington contract for and purchase goods and services that minimize workplace hazards, conserve energy and water, protect natural resources and reduce waste.

This guide includes an overview of our state’s green purchasing regulations, checklists for identifying green products, and boilerplate language for state contracts that incorporate green products and services.

 The guide also offers examples of government agencies’ green purchasing strategies and resources for more information. The DES Green Purchasing website includes the DES Green Purchasing Guide, a list of government contracts that are 100% renewable, and a list of certified companies.

Targeted toward government agencies, the guide and website outlines the criteria agencies should use in making purchasing decisions. Local businesses can use the resource to formulate their product offerings when dealing with state government.

Here is the link to the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services and the Environmentally Preferred purchasing page.